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1,320 Reasons Why Your '13 Challenger Needs BOOST!

ProCharger, 2013 Dodge Challenger, 392 Hemi, big numbers on the dyno
Posted October 28 2013 01:27 PM by Scott Ross 
Filed under: Miscellaneous, SCOTT ROSS

The numbers don't the low 11's on just 7 pounds of boost!

The folks at ATI ProCharger have some numbers to go along with the installation of one of their systems on a 392 Hemi-powered '13 Dodge Challenger that we brought you in print not long ago--the first-ever supercharger system for this modern Hemi.

Come on in for more info...


Low-11-second ETs, 100% factory drivability...and it'll take the molding flash of those new tires too!

ATI ProCharger has stepped up again, and wasted NO time being the first to offer complete intercooled supercharger systems for 2013 392 Hemi-equipped Challengers, for both manual-transmission-equipped ones, as well as automatics!

To answer your first question: When their P-1SC-1 HO Intercooled System is bolted on your 392-Hemi-urged '13 Challenger (and running just seven pounds of boost), you'll see RWHP numpbers of 675+!

And this ProCharger system can do that on automatic or manual-transmission-equipped 392 Hemi-powered Challengers. (That's where ATI got that 1.375 HP number you saw in this blog's title--they tested one each of a manual and automatic-equipped '13 LY-Body, each with this system bolted on.)

The numbers don't the low 11's on just 7 pounds of boost!

Along with the big power numbers, it'll also give you perfect, 100% OEM drivability and street manners--along with some impressive numbers on the 1/4-mile. (Is 11.373/123.36 impressive enough for you?)

The heart of ProCharger's system for the 392 Hemi-powered '13 Challenger.

By the way, this is the same system whose installation we brought you in Mopar Muscle's December '13 issue.

For those that want even more, ALL current ProCharger options that were available for the 2011-12 models are now available for the 392 Hemi-powered '13 cars as well--stuff like Tuner Kits, Polishing, Cog Race Kits, etc.


GET IT: ATI ProCharger 913/338-2886,


(Courtesy ATI  ProCharger)

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