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Recall time: LX-Chargers with HD cooling

Chrysler, Dodge, replacing both fans
Posted July 22 2011 08:19 AM by Scott Ross 
Filed under: Mopar News

No Subject

 Got a "Customer Satisfaction Notification" in the mail the other day regarding my '07 Charger...and the cooling fans behind the radiator.

No Subject

The "Customer Satisfaction Notification" (which used to be called a recall), covers "...some 2006 through 2008 model year Dodge Charger, Dodge Magnum and Chrysler 300 vehicles equipped with the severe-duty engine cooling option." (Like the one that came in the Police package my Charger was built with.)

The recommended service involves the electrically-powered radiator cooling fans, which Ma Mopar says "...may separate during fan operation, and cause damage to the radiator.

Again, per the notice, "What your dealer will do: Chrysler will service your vehicle free of charge (parts and labor). To do this, the dealer will replace both radiator fans. The work will take about 1/2 hour to complete."

I'm taking the Charger in to the local Dodge dealer (who's about 5-10 minutes' drive from here) on Monday morning. When I go, I'll ask them if I can take a look at the old fans after they come out,.to see if there's any visible cracking in either of them. 

Anyone else out there get this notice...and have this recall work done?


These days, it seems no one is keeping much in stock. Dealers and independents seem to ordering at point in time due to the economy. It's frustrating and it sucks when you take your vehicle in to get fully serviced the first time, but they tell you to come back because they don't have the parts in stock.

Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Did a little inquiring with Ma Mopar, and the reason why this happened is that the Feds now require automakers to send out the recall notices sooner than they did before....whether or not the replacement parts to fix the problem are available, much less in production.Hopefully, the new fans will be in the dealer's hands before too long.When they do come in. I'll ask the service folks there if i can take a look at the old fans, to see if there's been any cracking of them. (Some years ago, I had a Blue Oval car whose OEM fan was replaced by an aftermarket aluminum flex fan...the OEM plastic fan was riddled with cracks, this after 215,000+ miles!)

Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Took the Charger in this morning...waited about an hour...service advisor said they "inspected" my car, and now I have to wait 3-5 days for the needed parts to come in.Back in the day, dealers didn't schedule cats/trucks for recall work unless they had the parts to do the repairs IN STOCK.

Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Yes, my Charger has the oil, transmission and power steering fluid coolers...all installed at Brampton Assembly.


I hadn't heard that, but I didn't know the police cars had heavier duty fans. Might see about getting a set for the Challenger. Do you have the oil cooler on your Charger as well?Ryan

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