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This could be the best motorsport ever

best automotive sport ever, racing school busses, nascar racing, circle track
Posted April 20 2011 07:06 AM by BadFish 
Filed under: Car Initiative, Dodge Truck, Parts, Mopar Tech, DAVE YOUNG

race bus

Has anyone else witnessed what could be the coolest motorsport ever? Yes, this is a professional NASCAR dirt-track racing school bus.

cool bus

Ever since I began driving (even before I had my license) I have always been willing to race whatever vehicle I found myself at the controls of. I've raced tricycles, bicycles, skate boards, roller skates, scooters, mopeds, go-carts, mini-bikes, motocross motorcycles, street motorcycles, chainsaw powered foot-scooters, big-wheels, green machines, and on foot wearing stilts. I've raced four-wheel drive trucks, sports cars, luxury cars, jeeps, drag cars, street cars, ATVs, helicopters, and even airplanes. I've raced at drag-strips, dirt tracks, sand dunes, asphault ovals, road courses, on the streets, and in the field behind my friend's grandmother's house. I even tried racing uni-cycles, but lost because I couldn't keep my balance.

In all of my racing, however, I have never driven what could be the best race vehicle ever, a professionally prepared, high-performance, NASCAR school bus. I didn't even know they made racing tires for these vehicles. So if anyone knows of an awesome Mopar school-bus for sale let me know, it could be the next project in Mopar Muscle Magazine.

I'm not sure what class I'll run, but probably the same one UPS runs their brown truck in.      

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