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Coke versus Pepsi
Posted January 13 2010 08:03 AM by KevinDiOssi 
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Coke versus Pepsi

What do you prefere at car events?


What have we learned from the Pepsi Challenge? Well, we learned that Americans will continue to drink Coke even though they clearly thought Pepsi tasted better. I always found the results of the Pepsi Challenge amusing because the majority of soda drinkers selected what they thought was the better tasting soda and it was Pepsi. This would make people think: wow, I really like that? Then they would go to the super market and still buy Coca Cola.

Well that was years ago and now we're in a world where when you order a "diet" they ask you "is Diet Pepsi OK?" YES! YES IT IS! I'm getting tired of this because it reminds me that there are people out there who have been outraged when they order a "diet" and get a Diet Pepsi...I can just picture them spitting it out accompanied by an audible mist of soda, outraged.

I come from a family that grew up on Pepsi, so I may be a little biased. But, I also love Coke products, too. I honestly just don't care what they give me when I go to the track or to a restaurant as long as I don't have to go thirsty. I mean, it's not like they're giving us some generic brand of soda or something...

So I would like to bring this question up to our readers...just because I can't write about cars all the time! haha

Which do you prefer? Coke or Pepsi? Why? and are you so outraged by the competitor that you'll avoid restaurants that serve the enemy? (I know of a few people who are that bad! LOL)

Jocelyn Trujillo
Jocelyn Trujillo

Coke is it!  Coca Cola has a stronger taste than Pepsi, which is a little tame.  There is a reason Coke is an iconic brand.

COCACOLA IS BEAST pepsi is just a little to syrpy and i like how coke burns a little bit on the way down YUM WOO HOO.. COCACOLA IS BEAASSTT!!!!1


Haha, I was hoping that people would respond, that good.As for me, I'm a Pepsi person. I usually only drink diet sodas and Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi are both good in my book. haha


Coca-Cola is for me.I remember the Pepsi Challenge, and it was put on by....PEPSI, so I'm not sure I trust the results too much.I own both Coke and Pepsico stock so I know abit about their sales. Coca-Cola brands generate almost 4 times the revenue as Pepsi world wide and 3 times as much in the USA alone.Pepsi is a good product, but its too sweet, I like Coke.


I'm all for the Diet Pepsi.... I know not one of the options. But throwing it out there. Or Sprite.


Coke all the way!Pepsi just seems a little to syrupy

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