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CARB wants your diesel truck off the road

polution, emissions regulations, bogus emissions laws
Posted February 18 2009 08:29 AM by BadFish 
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CARB wants your diesel truck off the road

If the California EPA gets its way, the race track may be the only place you can enjoy your diesel truck!

It seems that the California EPA has it out for your diesel powered truck. Thanks to an observational study they conducted that loosly associates diesel emissions with human deaths, they plan to introduce much stricter diesel exhaust emission regulations which could cost all of us a lot of money, and the freedom to enjoy our vehicles, for no real reason.

The problem that I have with the California EPA, and the Air Research Board (CARB) is twofold. First, the scientific methods they use as a basis for their recomendations simply stink, and second the scientist, "Dr." Tran, who is an employee of CARB and wrote the paper CARB is using as a basis for these new regulations, has evidently misrepresented his education. 

As an example of my first point, CARB states that deaths and air pollution have both decreased in their state, so the association must be because the air is cleaner. While on the surface this seems to make sense, the association hasn't been tested by real, cause-and-effect science. Using the same associative methods CARB has used, I can also make the statement that since obesity has risen (across the country, not just California), and air quality is better, that better air quality must lead to obesity. While this sounds far-fetched, I have used the same methodology that CARB has. 

And I'm not alone in thinking CARB's science is bunk. Several highly educated (yes, real PhD's "Dr." Tran) and concerned scientists including Dr.'s Enstrom and Malkan of UCLA, and Dr. Phalen of UC Irvine (among others) have submitted papers requesting that the California EPA postpone and reassess CARB diesel regulations until the potential HEALTH RISKS and FINANCIAL IMPACT can be fully evaluated using modern, cause-and-effect, scientific methods. It is these scientists opinion that real science will reveal that CARB is wrong, and their recomendations will only cost money, not improve the health of California's citizens.

And don't think this only involves California, many states have considered, and are currently considering adopting the CARB regulations so the impact could be nation wide.

I encourage you to check my research, and please let me know your opinion of emissions regulations in general. My personal opinion is that CARB is after our cars, our trucks, and our hobby, and I'd rather them stay out of my business until they can prove using real science that my diesel truck is killing people.      


The greens/enviromental terrorists are killing us,we will be riding tricycles soon..thats what they want..they want us to live like the 1700's,or actually before the caveman started the first fire..Wake up people!!This is the reason I sold my Dodge neon and bought a Dodge Ram SRT-10 and Dodge Ram HEMI,to really tick the terrorist green hippies off!!!


I'm pretty sure these scientists aren't being paid by "big oil".And in a shop setting, breathing heavy concentration of any emissions has to be bad. I think the issue here is emissions in the atmosphere, outdoors, and the proposed regulations won't change that much at all. Maybe "big oil" will pay me not to blog about it?


My two cents on the subject. OK guys, I am a life long automotive tech, 30 plus yrs. You want real science, here it is. The Gov. and its fine scientists have known for yrs., that diesel is much worse than first suspected. My personal experience> I worked in a diesel shop environment for 1 yr. Symptoms from working in this environment? I experienced headaces, chest pain, and an overall feeling of sickness. After leaving the shop environment I felt better. After quitting the job I felt fine. Should I have stuck around until I dropped dead as a middle age man, I don't think so. So save your science, I find everytime the subject of air pollution pops up there are countless scientists that claim the opposite, why? Because they are being paid by big oil to do so. The auto industry is just as guilty, always protecting their investment before employees, and the health of the general public. Just look at these two industries track records on health and safety, these records speak for themselves. Anyone with an objective opinion would agree. Doc


If these proposed regulations bother you and you want to take action contact the SEMA Action Network to learn what you can do.


I totally agree! Unfortunately misuse of science is all too prevalent in politics.I wonder if this is nothing more than California trying to find yet another source of revenue. They're laying off 10,000 as the state budget goes unapproved.

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