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Is it Really that Smart?

Smart car, compact car, fuel economy
Posted September 5 2008 06:46 AM by BadFish 
Filed under: Miscellaneous, FWD, DAVE YOUNG

not so smart car

This morning on the way to work I noticed one of those "Smart Cars" on the interstate. It didn't look very smart to me.

With high fuel prices driving people to take extreme money saving measures, I see more and more of these "Smart Cars" on the road. To me they look like a full-body helmet more than a car, but I'm sure they're very economical.

The problem I see that makes the "Smart Car" pretty dumb, is that it looks like it could be crushed by an overweight driver in a Yugo. Let alone a minor collision with a full-size truck.

Do you think the driver's of "Smart Cars" would feel very smart after a head-on collision with a tractor trailer? I don't.

Yeezus Christ
Yeezus Christ

Smart is an acronym which stands for Swatch Mercedes Art... you dont seem very smart.

Smart Cars are safer than most midsize cars. Steel tridion cell is combined with high strength aluminum to augment safety. it has a very rigid and strong structure to protect its occupants and has saved thousands of lives.

Safety isnt even an issue because you never even think about it when driving. I've been driving smarts for over a year every single day.

I have the Electric smart and a gas smart. Electric smart is VERY QUICK. it will smoke many cars.

Its the funnest car you can drive. Pure enjoyment. Anyone that says the car isnt safe doesnt own one and clearly doesnt drive one therefore your opinion is meaningless.


this is a nice post thank you

Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Somewhere, Virgil Exner and Elwood Engel are laughing their afts off over the Smart car (which looks like it would comfortably fit in the trunk of any full-size car either of these guys styled).


I didn't mean to stir everyone up, the smart car is actually safe for its size as it has a tubular style chassis, but I'd still rather be in a '69 Imperial, or even a new Charger or Magnum, if in an accident. Let's talk about the smart car's styling next . . .


I just saw a Smart car and went online to see what it is and who makes it. It amazes me that it took comments from only two people to inflame a third person so."And be ye kind one to another..." Ephesians 4:32.Slimjim2


In that circumstance the size of the car doesn't really matter now does it? I swear I can see the average IQ of my fellow americans dropping before my eyes (let me guess the next post " cant see a persons IQ...Gottcha you anti american pig"Grow up america.

Scott Ross
Scott Ross

Crash ratings don't mean diddly squat when a 40-ton big rig (and the forces it can generate) is involved.


You need to do your homework. This car has one of the best crash rating ever listed. Remember size isn't everything.

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