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Dodge to eliminate Viper in cost-saving attempt

Viper Gets Axed
Posted April 2 2008 06:38 AM by RBolig 
Filed under: Mopar News

Viper gone

Adios to the Viper

It’s been public knowledge that Chrysler is going to combine its three brands and start eliminating overlapping models. The plan is for Dodge to concentrate on trucks and work-utilities, Chrysler to focus exclusively on cars, and Jeep will offer only SUV-based Jeeps.

Well, we’ve just heard that the Viper is going to get the axe.

According to our source, since the Viper is built in its own stand-alone plant in Detroit, euthanizing the Viper means the company can close a high-cost factory. Relatively speaking, not many people work in that plant, and even though the Viper is built in low production, killing the car could save the company several hundred million dollars a year.

You have to admit, the Viper is an iconic car, and anyone that even hears the word Viper immediately thinks of Dodge. What's that worth to the company?



to p. fogellets stop and think for a second back in the day when gas was cheaper than milk if you wanted a muscle car you could have one but if u wanted a track car for the .25 with no radio no heat or air huge motor and a manual trans was standered then u could order one in todays world when it would be hard to find a new car with out a cd or heated seats or any of those things the dodge viper you could in fact order the track pack it had no radio or electric windows that was a modern day muscle car if ive ever seen one and lets not even get into the corvette vs viper thing


Chris, yes it's true, I got the release directly from Chrysler


I felt since day one that the Viper should have been offered in two versions, an SRT8 and an SRT10. The V8 to be price competitive with the Corvette and the V10 being an ultimate Supercar. It will be a sad day for Dodge to discontinue this Iconic Car. My family owned Chrysler Dodge Plymouth Dealerships from 1933 to 1989. We used to be consulted by the Old Chrysler Corporation a lot, but now, just about all of our old friends are gone. I would love to own a Viper! Take care, Stan


This is for p.fogel. Where were you when inflation went up? The $4,000 car of the 60's and 70's is now the $40,000 car of 2008. What country did you grow up in, get a clue. If you wanted a car for $15,000, you might get a frame rail and an engine and 4 tires but that's about it. Besides back in the 60's if they had a Viper you could'nt have afforded it then either. Aside from that I would rather have a Viper than a Corvette any day, OH wait I do have one.


I think the viper is a bitchen ride. Ill be sorry it got the ax. I really liked the venoms.I think a viper would be a great excuse for a mid-life crisis. I plan on owning one some day.Mopar or no car!!


Is this truth or rumor? Mopar has just signed sponsorship with the Cindi Lux/NayKid Racing's World Challenge GT team which pilots a Viper Competition Coupe and has and continues to sponsor a Viper in Formula Drift. Why would Mopar be signing sponsorships with a model that is being discontinued?


I can't say I'll ever miss the Viper. Chrysler put a ridiculous price on an ugly car. I'm a true Mopar man but I'd take a Corvette any day over a Viper. Chrysler continues to tune out the enthusiasts. Yes, they resurrect the names of the past and some of the looks (i.e. new Challenger) but what did they do to the price? They need to go back and rethink Roadrunner, Superbee, Duster, etc., with prices comparable to back in the day. They could really reduce the price by keeping all the *** off of them and offer spartan, lightweight 2-door rear wheel drive cars. They would sell all they could build with pricing around $15,000. Anyone else agree?

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